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WREF Mobile Agriculture App to provide the best services to Vietnamese farmers and pesticide retailers. We use technology to help Vietnamese farmers, especially those in the Central region, overcome productivity challenges.

The app connects with retailers so they know the farmers' agricultural performance to improve their business and help sell the right products through a dedicated app for retailers odd.

A story of the farmers live at Tuy Loan, Hoa Vang, Da Nang

Farmers need a cheap product that solves all their problems: natural disasters, diseases, wrong pesticide products and low yields.

  • Use AI to recognize images and analyze diseases on trees, therefore recommending solutions and products to use.

  • Use RS and AI to predict crop yields.

  • Use OpenWeather API and AI for flood prediction and early weather forecast.

  • Use OpenWeather API to display the weather forecast for the next 24h, 5 days.

  • Agricultural knowledge is obtained from Harvest Helper.

  • Agricultural social networks help farmers to share beautiful and happy moments when achieving results.

In addition, farmers can also directly order agricultural tools, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. from the retailers in the app.

Application for farmers

Pesticides retailers will use a sub-application to be able to post the products being sold in the store to the system, if a farmer places an order, they can clearly see the farmer's information. when they order products on the app.

  • Statistics of the store's business activities.

  • Register to open an app store.

  • Order Management.

  • Import goods from companies providing products.

Core technologies

We apply AI, remote sensing, and real-time weather data to predict and mitigate potential disasters before they impact crop yields.

  • AI-powered Prediction Engine: Our cutting-edge AI analyzes historical data and real-time environmental factors to forecast potential threats like droughts, floods, and pest infestations.

  • Remote Sensing Integration: Farm Defender utilizes satellite imagery to monitor crop health and identify early signs of stress or disease.

  • OpenWeather API Integration: Stay informed with up-to-date weather forecasts tailored to your specific location, allowing you to plan ahead for potential weather extremes.

More than just a disaster prediction tool, it's a comprehensive farm management solution that empowers farmers to make smarter decisions, optimize resources, and ultimately, achieve greater success in your agricultural industry.

  • Reduced Financial Losses: Disasters can devastate a farmer's livelihood. By providing early warnings, Farm Defender allows you to take preventative measures like applying fungicides before a blight, or implementing water conservation strategies before a drought. This proactive approach can significantly reduce financial losses caused by crop damage.

  • Improved Crop Quality: Timely intervention based on Farm Defender's insights can minimize stress on crops, leading to healthier and higher quality produce. This translates to better market prices and potentially higher profits.

  • Optimized Insurance Decisions: Farm Defender's data-driven predictions can help you make informed decisions about crop insurance. By understanding potential risks, you can choose the most appropriate coverage and avoid overpaying for unnecessary premiums.

  • Enhanced Resource Management: Farm Defender helps you allocate resources strategically. You can prioritize areas most susceptible to threats, focusing resources like water and pesticides on these critical zones. This optimizes resource utilization and maximizes their impact.

  • Peace of Mind: The constant uncertainty of weather and unforeseen threats can be stressful for farmers. Farm Defender's proactive approach provides valuable peace of mind. By being prepared for potential disasters, you can confidently manage your farm and focus on maximizing your harvest.

  • Data-Driven Sustainability: Farm Defender promotes sustainable practices by encouraging resource optimization. With the app's guidance, you can minimize water waste during droughts and use pesticides only when necessary, reducing environmental impact.

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